Saturday, May 3, 2014

5 weeks old already

What wonderful boys my babies are!  They have grown up even more.  I keep telling them how cute they are and how wonderful.  Kyler decided he was a big boy and could climb up on the couch by himself.  He was having a great time this morning pouncing on imaginary things he pretended were on the couch.  He is now sleeping on the dog bed.  He even found his way up onto the back of the couch.  He has finally started nibbling on canned food.  Keaton has been eating canned food a few days now and is starting to enjoy it.  Keaton was very mellow in his heated bed this morning.  He yawned a few times which I was able to catch. He loves to roll on his back and has since he was very tiny. He is figuring out toys too.  They like being out and about in the house.  They have been very comfortable in the whole house since the beginning.  Now that we all sleep through the night I go and let them out of their big cage first thing in the morning.  They both scamper down the hallway and I start my day with a smile as I watch them.  I am bracing myself for the day when they find their forever homes which is coming too soon--just when they are starting to be fun and personable.
     The first 3 pictures were taken yesterday.  I loved how they were sleeping.  Keaton opened his eyes first then Kyler when they heard me taking the first picture.  They were so cute (I use that word a lot with these two boys) that I had to stand and admire them a while. 

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