Sunday, April 10, 2011

It has been a good week

All the babies are doing well.  They are another week older.  On Thursday Lacey was finished with the bottle.  On Thursday night I fed Jamieson his bottle.  When I checked on them before I went to bed I found a great big spot of puked up milk.  I decided to wait until morning to feed him so his tummy could settle down.  A few minutes before midnight I was woken by a loud cry (I sleep soundly but seem to have one ear open when I have babies).  I got out of bed to check what was going on.  Poor little Jamieson was frothing at the mouth and was in distress.  Instinctively I grabbed a blanket from the closet and wrapped Jamieson up.  He sounded wet inside as if he was filled with water.  I knew he could not get any in his lungs or he would die.  I held him at a slight angle with his head down and gently patted his back.  I walked the floor with him and went through a hard 8 minutes until he was better.  I figured out that though he had never eaten canned food before he had tried to eat a morsel of the hard food in the hallway for Hoover and must have choked.  I took him to bed with me so I could keep an eye on him.  After a few minutes he got wiggly and was nibbling on my fingers so I got up and got him a bottle as he was hungry.  He drank well and I tucked him in with the others.  I got up around 3 am to see if he was okay and he was.  In the morning he was playing with the others and it was as if nothing was wrong (though I knew it would be a substantial coffee morning for me).  On Saturday he decided he was a big boy and ate canned food for most of his meals.  Sunday it has been only canned food.
.           .Lacey is a little sweetie.  On Thursday I left the babies out of their cage for the night.  She has decided that sleeping with mom is a great thing.  She quietly comes to bed and settles in vey quickly.  Nox and Nugget are growing and love to play a lot.
.        .       .Jersey has settled wonderfully into her new home.  She loves the daycare kids and seems to wait for them at 3:30.  They say she is perfect in every way and cannot be improved upon.  She comes when called and loves to be loved.  An easy transition for all.
.     .     .Thanks for the comments.  I am so glad Griffin is a great kitten and still a sweet boy.  Thanks for giving him a great home.

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